About Us

Daniel Eisinger is a Master of Architecture graduate student at Ball State University in Indiana. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Systems from Taylor University (Upland, IN) and has over eight years experience working in software development in Indiana and in California. He has a love for design and a drive to create that was not being met as a software developer, but he is finding that his technical background is an invaluable tool in architectural design and in utilizing the digital tools that are transforming the industry. He recently completed an internship at RATIO Architects in Indianapolis and expects to return to Indy after obtaining his degree in May.  Daniel currently lives with his roommate Kourtney and his cat Pipeline in Muncie, IN.

Steven Putt is a Master of Architecture graduate student at Ball State University where he also received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture. His passion for design is fueled by his desire to see new fabrication and material strategies being implemented into common practice. He continually seeks new tools to use in developing and analyzing design for the hope of new understandings of architectural potentials to emerge. Steven lives with his wife and long time partner Kayla and 6 month old son Connor, both of whom he owes all of his successes to.

Advisors: Joshua Coggeshall, A.I.A. and Andrew Wit


What is Formeta?

Formeta is the product of a joint final thesis project by Daniel Eisinger and Steven Putt.  This effort is fueled by a common value for conceptually grounded architecture, a joy in mystery and discovery, and an ambitious desire to be at the forefront of architectural discourse.  Initiated as the result of common interests in robotics and digital fabrication, this partnership has flourished due to our complementary strengths in computation, design and making.  The focus of the this thesis project has developed through synergistic and lively discussion from our interests in robotics to composites, morphogenesis, the element of time, dynamic form and dynamic authorship.  For more details, see the Projects section of this website and the Formeta 0.9 and Formeta 1.0 posts.